Breaking Free

Sometimes you have to push through ‘the shit’ to break free from the shit.

There will be days when you don’t want to face anyone, there will be days when you just want to stay in bed, to hide away from the world. To be alone and to not face anything.

That’s okay.

Take time out for yourself.

There will be days where you feel this way, there may be many days where you feel this way.

That’s okay.

But on some of those days, maybe just a few, push through. Not every time, you have to look after yourself. But looking after yourself is also setting yourself free. Looking after yourself is pushing through the darkness to eventually reach the light, and you will reach it.

But staying stuck, not taking that first step, that’s not going to bring you to the exit of that tunnel, where you’re going to find the light.

Take time for yourself. Yes.

But take back your power too, and take that first step, each step is one step closer to the light.

And no matter how many times you may keep getting pulled backwards, take back your power, and march forward each time, stronger, happier, healthier than ever.

You got this.

Believe in yourself.


My comment section is always open,

All the love and strength,

from me to you,

You are powerful,

you are strong,

you’ve got this,

and happiness is yours for the taking,




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  1. Well said. The part where you talk about taking that initial step forward even on those awful days where I personally just dont want to get out of bed, all I have to do is make an effort. Because only I can do that. 😘


  2. Girl you always say the things I need to hear! Thank you! I am catching up on blog posts, and reading yours are making me smile and giving me so much hope thank you sweet lady for being so amazing always! ❤


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