Luxe Caramel ‘Royalty’ Outfit Of The Day | Ladies Fashion / Summer Dresses

Hello my loves!

Today we’re back with another outfit of the day, this time featuring a beautiful dress from the store ‘LuxeCaramel’ who I am lucky enough to be an affiliate for… this means discount codes for you, yay!

I am so grateful to be a part of this affiliate programme, and I’m so excited to share more Luxe Caramel ootd’s in the future, but for now I’m going to be sharing with you the beautiful ‘Royalty’ dress which is so gorgeous, being that it’s made from the most beautiful fabric and comes in the most gorgeous shades, I am so excited to wear this on holiday, when going out for cocktails and more. Yay!

The ‘Royalty’ dress is available in two different shades, a pretty jade green and of course the gorgeous fiery orange shade which is the one I opted for, though both colours are gorgeous and I would actually quite like them both, please!

It retails for $50 and with my discount code ‘JENNIE40’ you can get 40% off not only this dress, but anything you purchase from the LuxeCaramel website. This means that whilst I do get a commission on each item sold, this comes at no extra cost to you, in fact it makes it less of a cost, since you’re getting 40% off! Writing this for full disclosure purposes as always!

Shop Royalty dress here – ROYALTY

I really like this dress because you can style it up two different ways, you can either wear it as a halter, or attach the second ‘strap’ it comes with to create a spaghetti strap cami look. For this shoot, I decided to wear the dress halter neck style, though it also looks pretty with the spaghetti strap style too, as you can see in the following pictures-

I think both styles look so pretty, and I’m excited to play about with them and wear a different style each time.

This dress is super comfortable, though I do recommend going braless for this one, so just be careful if you’re conscious of nip slips… (just ensure your straps are done up tight enough). I think it looks better without a bra because of the thin straps / halter neck, and because it has a low back (not pictured).

I really adore the colour of this dress and think it’s so comfy to wear, and like I said, I am so looking forward to wearing this more in the future.

Though not pictured, when it comes to shoes I would wear a nice pair of heels, most likely in the shade black, and in the style of something glam like a stiletto or a pretty velvet wedge with this dress.

As always with my jewellery, I am wearing my Cosmic Love and Balancing Amulets from Alchemy By LA. I’m also wearing my rose quartz bracelet in the third set of pictures, and my Tissot watch.

I really love the colour of this outfit and I think it goes so beautifully with my amulets, I’m so looking forward to wearing this glam little number soon!

What’s your favourite colour to wear? Would you have opted for the fiery orange or the jade green shade for this dress? Have you got any exciting glam events coming up soon? Let me know in the comments below.

As always have a blessed day,

thank you so much for reading,

lots of love,



Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y

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  1. Girl you are STUNNING! I LOVE that dress! It is gorgeous and you are rocking it! Also congrats! That is awesome that you affiliated with them! They are incredibly lucky to have your gorgeous self rocking their clothing! ❤


  2. Oh wow, Jennie, how cool that you’re an affiliate for this brand, congratulations!!! This dress is absolutely perfect for any occasion & it looks amazing on you! 😍 Love that your holding a fancy martini glass in the photos, hehe, definitely sets the vibe. ❤ & how fun that you can switch up the straps– looks like two different, beautiful dresses! What a win! Your amulets look lovely with it, too. I think GOLD heels, to match those, would be the best shoe but, I could totally see black looking just as amazing!!

    I would love to see you in the green shade as well but I would have probably chose the same as you! ♡


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