magic | Poetry

I’m feeling magic

And I hope this feeling lasts forever

Like I can do anything

Everything is possible

LA dreaming

With my best friend

Tears welling up

In my eyes

Feeling the feelings of my best life

It’s magic

This life of mine

And yours

Just feel it in your soul

It’s magic

It’s possible

Anything you want

It’s yours

It’s yours

I love you

I love magic

I love this life of mine

And I’m excited

For more magic

Bring it on

Totally divine


I was listening to a sleep meditation track by my favourite Jason Stephenson when these magical feelings came through for me – listen for yourself and feel your own magic HERE ❤️ I love you!


    1. THANK YOU Queen!! Ilysm!! Thank you for being so uplifting, kind and supportive always ❤ I am so grateful this brought you some joy and yes, it's definitely needed now more than ever. Love ya ❤


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