Let Go | Poetry

This should be the last song

That I ever write to you

But I can’t promise that I won’t write again

I’ll dedicate as much discipline

To letting go of us

That I can

Stop myself

Think twice

Before picking up my pen

Because whilst I can never say never

It’s time that I say goodbye for now

I’ve spent so much time reminiscing on our relationship

I’ve been living in the past for too long

Thoughts of you

Words for you

Holding me back

Now it’s really time for me to move on

So whilst this may not be

The last song I ever write you

Because who can say what the future holds?

I know for sure

That for the here and now

It’s time to let go

No more songs

No more poetry

I let the words flow out to the world

With the clouds

I give up my feelings

That weigh me down

I free myself now

I let go of you

I let go of you

Until destiny pulls us back

Should it ever pull us back

love and light,



Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y


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