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My Current Makeup Collection | Face Edition May 2020

Hey guys & dolls and welcome back to my blog, long time no speak huh?

Back in January, I started a new beauty series here on the blog showcasing my skincare & makeup collection. Well, today I am back with another instalment as I share with you everything in my current face makeup collection along with my thoughts on the products.

I won’t ramble on for too long with the introduction, so lemme just say without further ado, enjoy having a look through my face makeup collection!


NYX Honey Dew Me Up Primer


I don’t use this primer too often being that it’s almost run out, but what I do like about it is the texture and feel. It’s so cool and refreshing but in terms of holding makeup in place, I can’t really comment on how good it is at that because I haven’t used it properly in SO long. I’d probably buy this one again because I love the feel of it!

NYX Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Primer


LOL. I actually wrote a whole review of this once which never saw the light of day here on the blogosphere because it was so savage. Guys, this primer just isn’t the one. Luckily, 99% of NYX products are a winner so, it’s not the brand, but this product really did not work for me. It doesn’t keep makeup on, if anything, it makes it go patchy and blotchy and gross, and it has the stickiest feel to it. Apparently, this primer is for people with very oily skin, which is probably why it hasn’t worked for me, but the NYX girls who I’m friends with basically said that unless you’re super oily – stay away from this primer!!!! Since I have a whole tube of it left, I use this as an eye primer which it seems to work better for. As you can imagine, I won’t be buying it again once it’s run out. Sorry NYX!

L’Oréal True Match Foundation Shade 2.N Vanilla


Okay, so even though it’s not my go to and I definitely lean more towards Cruelty Free brands nowadays, there will always be a part of me that’s a L’Oréal girl. I picked this foundation up recently in Tesco, I needed a new base and they only had a small selection of brands on offer, of course I went for the L’Oréal True Match foundation being that it’s one I know and have used before. This is a pretty decent foundation, not the best but definitely still a good’un. The coverage is light to medium in my opinion but not very buildable, so this one is good if you’re looking for something natural and radiant.

Collection Lasting Perfection Weightless Foundation Shade 4 Cool Beige


This foundation is almost finished now, but I’m hoping there may still be a little left for me to use. I bought this a little while ago now, and it’s a pretty decent foundation considering it’s very reasonably priced. It gives a really good coverage, and I’d definitely consider buying it again though maybe in a lighter shade. Cool Beige may be a little too dark for me, but not terribly so.

NYX Born To Glow Foundation Shade 7.5 (name unknown)

I only have a little sample pot of this which is actually finished now so time to bin but I thought I’d include my thoughts anyway! This is definitely a foundation I’ll be purchasing in the future once stores are open, it has great coverage and gives skin a gorgeous radiant finish. Possibly one of my favourite foundations I’ve tried in a long time, NYX, you’ve done good.

L’Oréal Back To Bronze 02 Sunkiss Gentle Matte Bronzing Powder


I purchased this recently cos’ I needed a new bronzer and so far so good, it’s a matte finish which is ideal, and it’s a nice shade, not too dark but buildable so you can achieve a natural bronze or something a little stronger. I like.

No7 Bronzer Caramel

So this is pretty much finished now but I LOVED it, so wanted to include it in my collection as I haven’t thrown it out yet even though I’ve really hit pan LOL. I loved this bronzer, it’s a darker shade compared to the L’Oréal one but it’s just perfect. I will definitely consider repurchasing this in the future and for sure recommend, though it is a little on the darker side so if you want something more subtle, then maybe choose something lighter (it’s not too dark though).

MAC Fairly Precious Extra Dimension Blush

This is a pretty blush from MAC, it’s almost hit pan and I don’t have a lot to say about it other than that it’s gorgeous, a lovely shade and I would definitely purchase again. I love the healthy glow it gives.

L’Oréal Infaillible Blush Palette The Ambers

I’ve had this blush palette for so long now and I love it!!! With 5 shades to choose from, this palette has a shade for every occasion & look, so I’m set when it comes to blusher. This palette is ideal for travel, and definitely a staple for a makeup collection. I also use some of these blusher shades as eyeshadow’s sometimes, which I tie in with the blusher for a complete look. Sometimes I use the shades solo, or I mix them together. I’d definitely recommend this palette and 100% would buy again, although I still haven’t really reached pan on any of the shades yet miraculously! It lasts forever, well worth a purchase.

NARS Orgasm Blusher

A staple in any makeup collection though to be honest, I don’t know if I’d repurchase this once mines run out. Compared to the other blushers I have, it’s just not my fave, though I do love Nars blushers in general, I’d try a different shade from their collection.

I also have a mini of this in my collection too.

Mermaid Glow MODEL CO


So my best friend Daisy gave me this and I’m not sure if it’s an eyeshadow or not, but I use it as a highlighter! I haven’t used it too much to comment (she only gave it to me in Jan), but it’s nice to have in my collection and I’m excited to use it more to achieve that striking glow, yay!

ABH Glow Kit Sun Dipped

Well this highlighting palette is well on its way out, boo. I’ve only got one shade left properly, and that’s the shade that I didn’t used to use so much because it was slightly darker than what I would usually go for, however all in all this palette is gorgeous. It’s an ideal glow kit and I would definitely purchase again.

ABH Glow Kit Moon Child

This is such a fun highlighting palette with lots of pretty shades from violet tones to silver, I love this one.

ABH Glow Kit Aurora

This is another really cool glow kit from ABH, with a funky blue shade to highlight with, so much fun. One of my favourite shades from this palette is the shade ‘Lyra’ which I’ve hit pan on now. I really like this palette, the colours are striking.


Smashbox Petal Metal Highlighter Rosemantic

I don’t choose this highlight often because it’s quite pink, veering on the side of too much however applied gently, it’s okay, so I use it every once in a while. The packaging is glorious isn’t it!?


L’Oréal True Match Highlight 101.d/W Golden Glow


I’ve had this for ages and it’s pretty decent. This is a liquid highlighter which I use by mixing in to my foundation, giving my skin an extra sun kissed glow. I’d definitely recommend this to use in with your foundation, and I’ll buy this again in the future.

Bourjois eyebrow pen (for faux freckles)


I don’t think they even sell this anymore, but this is what I use for my faux freckles (lol sorry Rossy & Hunida) and it’s lasted me for yeaaaars, well, maybe around 2. This is the perfect, easiest tool for faux freckles, I love it!

L’Oréal Infallible 24h Matte Powder 160 Sand Beige


I’ve had this for ages and it’s a decent setting / mattifying powder, perfect for reducing any unwanted shine. I like that this is a pressed powder, which I like for setting makeup / applying all over.

Collection Sheer Loose Powder 2 Translucent

This has been in my collection for so long. It’s a decent loose powder which I of course use for baking and setting my makeup (sometimes – though for setting I tend to use the L’Oréal one more). This is so reasonably priced and is handy to have in my collection. I would recommend and buy this again.

So there you have everything in my makeup collection for the face, hurraaaay!

Next up, eyes…

What’s your go to makeup brand?

Favourite foundation?

Favourite blusher?

Are you a fan of any of the products I’ve mentioned? Do you have any of these items in your collection?

Be sure to let me know all your thoughts in the comments below.

As always thank you so much for reading,

lots of love,


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So many people love the True Match foundation, I’ve never tried it as L’Oreal can be expensive in New Zealand but maybe one day I’ll give it a go. Well done on hitting pan and finishing up so many products 🙂 I have a mini of NARS Orgasm too! I haven’t heard of that MAC Fairly Precious blush before but it looks stunning! 😍


I love Nyx too!! Well I like the honey dew one except for the fact idk if it actually works as a primer or not I just like the feel of it 😂 but the can’t stop one is not good!! I haven’t tried the other primers! Which ones have you tried?? Haha seriously! I’m gonna need a new kit soon! Xx

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