Clinique Haul Spring 2020

Hello, my sunshine’s! How are YOU today?

Today I am bringing a little haul to the blogosphere as over the past few weeks / couple of months I have treated myself to a few bits and bobs from the wonderful Skincare & beauty brand Clinique. Now quick disclaimer technically I am *currently* employed by Clinique as a Clinique consultant, but of course all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Before I start with the haul I just want to explain one thing about Clinique products, they cater to different skin types quite specifically. For example, you have one product, say the ‘Clarifying Lotion’, and in that range of products you can purchase by number. The different numbers correlate with your specific skin type.

For example I identify as Skin type 2 which is dry / dry combination skin.

A Guide To Your Skin type –
Skin type 1.0 = Dry, Sensitive Skin
Skin type 1 – Very Dry Skin
Skin type 2 – Dry Combination
Skin type 3 – Combination Oily
Skin type 4 – Very Oily

So as you can see, Clinique caters for all skin types, and you can pick your products accordingly. You can generally find most products in a range to cater for whichever specific skin type you are.

So let’s get into the haul…

Clinique Haul Spring 2020

Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight Hefty Highlight

Hefty Highlight is a gorgeous highlighting stick which gives skin a gorgeous natural radiant glow, and I am so excited to use this. Normally I would opt for a powder highlighter, but this product is too pretty to resist, and it also works beautifully with another Clinique product – Moisture Surge!

Look at that glow!

Moisture Surge


Moisture Surge is a 72 hour hydrator which is so refreshing. You can’t beat a good moisturiser but one of the main reasons I purchased this is so I could use it with my ‘hefty highlight’, when you blend the two products together it creates for a stunning natural glow! I haven’t actually used this product yet (I’ve got so many moisturisers on the go and I was waiting to do this haul hehe) but I’m so looking forward to using it. I’d also use moisture surge as an extra moisture top up, so I’d moisturise with another moisturiser then pop this on afterwards, for that extra moisture *surge*. Literally, haha. Also – I hope you’re not playing a drinking game every time I use the word moisture / moisturiser in this post – I’ve already counted about 8!

Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer shade WN 04 Bone

*Wearing Beyond Perfecting foundation, High Impact mascara & Woppin’ Watermelon lip balm (mentioned below)

Beyond Perfecting Foundation is a 2 in 1 concealer and foundation suitable for Dry Combination skin & Combination Oily skin (Skin types 2 & 3). I LOVE this foundation as it gives a flawless coverage and a gorgeous radiant finish. I adore wearing this foundation as it makes my skin glow!

Even though it’s a 2 in 1 concealer foundation, it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin at all. I wear the shade WN 04 Bone, which has turned out to be a great shade for me despite the fact that I had to guess which colour to buy since department stores etc weren’t running as usual when I bought this, and there were no testers out for me to try my shade. Despite the fact I took an educated guess with my foundation shade, you can also try out Clinique’s foundation finder here.

Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm 06 Woppin’ Watermelon


I bought this pretty pink lip balm as a spur of the moment thing, I just wanted another lip product from Clinique and I really love a natural pink balm. This is perfect for everyday wear and those no makeup days!


Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm


Take The Day Off Balm is an AMAZING makeup remover, which some describe as a makeup eraser. It’s like magic. I’d never really used a balm before for taking my makeup off (that I can recall anyway), so when I discovered Clinique’s Take The Day Off balm I was amazed. It makes taking off makeup so easy, just apply all over your face and wash off with a cotton pad and some water and voila! It dissolves your makeup and breaks through even waterproof makeup, you can use this on your eyes and lips too so this really is a dream. This is great for your initial step in your nightly skincare routine, to get all that makeup off. I typically would follow with micellar water afterwards then a facial cleanser, which brings me to…

Liquid Facial Soap Mild (Dry Combination Skin)


I typically use this to wash my face as part of my night time routine and it feels really refreshing and cleansing. There’s not much to say on this facial soap other than that, really! As you can see I’ve purchased this in the ‘mild’ form, which is for dry combination skin types. You can also get the liquid facial soap in ‘extra mild’ which is for very dry to dry skin & the ‘oily skin formula’ for combination oily or oily skin*.

*thanks to the official Clinique website for the info, LOL.

Clarifying Lotion 2


Clarifying Lotion is one of my favourite Clinique products and I highly recommend. I’ve gone for number 2 in the range to suit my dry / combination skin type. It’s crazy how I’m such an advocate for this product yet I’ve never actually used it myself properly as part of my skincare routine, obviously I have demo-d it on others and it proves so popular (my friend is a fan of this also), I’m so excited to use this. I’ve been waiting for my previous toner to run out before I opened this product and I just finished it up today, so now it’s finally time for me to use Clarifying Lotion. Hurray!

Clarifying Lotion is a liquid exfoliator which you sweep over your face with a cotton pad or cotton ball after cleansing and it removes all your dead skin cells, prepping skin so it’s ready to receive the best results from the treatments that follow such as moisturiser and serum. I love!

I’m loving the little Clinique collection I’ve put together over the past few weeks / couple of months, I’m so happy with all the products I’ve bought.

Have you used any of the products in this haul?

Are you a Clinique fan?

What’s your favourite Clinique product?

Please be sure to let me know all your thoughts in the comments below.

As always thank you so much for reading,

with lots of love,


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  1. I have a similar highlighting stick but I don’t like it! It’s like every time I try to use it it just swipes my makeup off with it and it leaves my skin looking really…crumbly? Not smooth, basically. I much prefer highlighting powder! X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know exactly what you mean! See I haven’t used this stick on myself yet – I might try it today – but I have used it on others and not experienced that problem. I’m trying to think whether I used it with a brush or not. Because I use this with the moisture surge it may make it more blendable as opposed to harsh and crumbly? I will try it on it’s own too but I can totally see why you’d prefer powder. That’s what I’d go for usually too!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Other than actually just using the stick itself I’ve used it with a brush (would not recommend) and a beauty blender which was better, but felt like none of the product was actually showing up! You’ll have to let me know how you get on with it .xx


  2. Gorgeous lady! You are absolutely radiant! It is so cool you get to work for a company where you love their products. Clinque was my first make-up brand and while I will sometimes use their exfoliator or toner, (not often) I still am fond of it for that reason! Also total sidenote, girl I am obsessed with your nail color! I love it!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love you!! ❤ I know, Clinique are amazing to work for, my contract ends next month though 😦 but they are such a fab company!!! & of course I love the products!! Wow that's so cool, I love that! hehe thank you hun, I need to freshen them up now! Love you lotss!!! xxx


  3. that’s really neat that they cater to all skin types and that they have that kind of system for each type, i’d be a type 3 ;D
    wwwwwwoooooooooowww! that highlight is sooooo gorgeous 😀 😀 😀 😀 I can see why you love it!
    i’m not sure if you typically use concealer or if you even get acne spots and whatnot, but with that 2-in-1 foundation, did you find yourself needing concealer for those pesky spots that need more covering? or even on your under eye area?
    i’ve only tried their take the day off makeup remover (liquid) not the balm, and i loooooved it! people have been raving about their balm lately
    i’d love to try the clarifying lotion only because i do get dry skin in the winter and i think it would be a nice addition at that time 🙂


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