Summer Bucket List 2020

Hey everyone, happy Summer!

So it’s officially Summer 2020 which means it’s time for another bucket list, filled with all my hopes and dreams for this Season. I’m looking forward to having a chilled out, good time, so without further ado, here’s my Summer 2020 bucket list.


•complete my life coach course with positive results – this meaning, I don’t want to just ‘complete the course’ by going through each section, I want to really delve deep into it, personally benefit from the course, come away with my knowledge expanded and feeling a better sense of fulfilment and accomplishment all round + of course, finish the course having gained skills, knowledge and mindset to take with me further into my career.

•live my best life – similar to the life coach course, sort of. If I want to help others live their best lives, I need to live MY best life. Practice what I preach and lead by example and all that.

•keep my bedroom & house tidy!

•finally buy some good curtains (don’t ask, lol)

•save a substantial amount of money – If I can come away at the end of Summer 2020 with – in my mortgage savings account, I’ll consider that a success. Of course, if I can manifest even more, I’ll be singing. *I’ve kept the amount private, hehe. 

•truly fall in love with myself. – I say this often, it’s on most seasonal bucket lists for me. But I keep realising I need to do more and more work. I have insecurities and a history that I really need to heal. Insecurities I need to work through & heal. Relationship history that I need to work through and let go of. I really need to fall in love with me, be my best self, and love myself every day, even on the days where I don’t feel my best.

•spend blissful time with my parents – this is such an important one for me! I’m so thankful I live at home with my Mum and Dad so I get to see them every day unless I’m on vacation or they are of course. So this Summer I want to really make the most of this and cherish every second with them, with lots of love laughter and giggles.

•enjoy walks & family dates with my parents – Similar to above. I of course want to spend blissful time with my parents everyday, but I truly hope this Summer brings us those extra special moments of walks, picnic dates, cafe dates, whatever else we have the option to do. If restaurants are back open, get us out for dinner, etc etc.

•visit my grandparents at least 3 times. – gosh, I really hope I can do this. My grandparents are so special to me. Thankfully I do have plans to see them this weekend, hurray, so here’s hoping I can spend at least three special times with them, if not more please.

•find a job I enjoy & that still gives me my freedom – so, your girl needs a new job. Long term goals, this Summer I don’t see myself living my ultimate ‘career dream’ if I’m honest. The direction I want to go in could take time, and I can certainly build towards it, of course, but for this Summer, at least for my main source of income, I’d love a chilled out job working 4 days a week, with the majorities of my weekends off. Perfect.

•go on holiday with my gals – my girls & I have a Summer holiday booked, so I’ve got all my fingers crossed that this still goes ahead. We deserve a good time!

•spend lots of wonderful, happy, fun and positive times with my besties – yes please!

•enjoy a bike ride – I haven’t ridden a bike since New York last year but I love cycling. I hope to enjoy at least one bike ride with loved ones this Summer.

•play ‘Tennis’ – okay, I have bats and a tennis ball. I’d love to enjoy some casual games here and there with loved ones.

•spend a ton of time outdoors – get me spending time in nature everyday please, rain or shine. I’m at my happiest when I’m outside, soaking in the moment and being in nature, reading, chilling, spending time with my loved ones. I just want a Summer of being outside and loving life.

•spend lots of time with my sister and her fam – I love them, lemme spend all the good times with them.

•spend time with my brother and his family – same with my grandparents, I’d love to see my brother, sister in law & little nephew way more often. So if I could see them at least three times this Summer that would be great.

•spend more time meditating – I had the best morning the other day where I meditated for so long, my mind felt so calm and relaxed, the rest of the day just seemed to be way more peaceful. I’m gonna have more of that, it’s bliss.

•see Dannii – it’s been too long hun!

•take a mini vacay / weekend break with my parents – abroad or in the UK, I’d love to take a few days out to relax and unwind with my Mum and Dad. Quality time and all the bliss. ❤️

•book at least 4 holidays – guys you know travel is life for me. I’d love to book at least 4 holidays this Summer so I have plenty of magical trips to look forward to. Hurray.

•become more peaceful, calm, relaxed, loving and tranquil – need I say more?

•learn more – about all sorts of things. There’s always room to expand my knowledge but it’s not just about ‘knowing’ things, it’s about understanding things, delving deeper, seeing different points of view etc etc. Having a greater perception (is that the right word?) of the world and realising there is always room to grow, expand and be better.

•HELP – making a difference is so important to me, a positive difference of course. I just want to make the world a better place anyway I can, from smiling at people and sharing the love, engaging in conversation, talking, listening, loving, to raising awareness on important issues / current events, donating money & doing whatever I can to help others and make a positive difference.

•pick up my driving lessons again & maybe even pass my test, depending when we can actually learn to drive again. – guys, it’s about time.

•visit the beach – well, it is Summer

•make my sister feel super special and loved with pre wedding celebrations – again, ‘nuff said. I just reallly want to treat my sister!

•heal my natural eyesight – I often wish I could see as clearly with my glasses off as I do with them on. I know this is completely possible with the Law Of Attraction, so it’s time to do this and have blissfully clear natural vision, in the healthiest way possible!

•spend lots and lots of blissful time with my friends, family & loved ones – I guess I’ve pretty much covered this one, but just putting it out there again.

•be more present – live in the moment, live in the now, surrender to the moment, live joyfully, spend less time on my phone and more time in the here and now meditating, journaling, being with loved ones etc etc. I feel like I’ve already mentioned this but it’s important to me, so just gonna put it out there hehe.

•improve my Spanish language skills – I say this every time. I’m not looking to become fluent (eventually yes, but not in the space of one Summer), I want to set more realistic goals. So I just really want to improve my Spanish language skills this Summer & if I become fluent, hey, I’ll take it!

•improve my dancing skills & flexibility – thank God for YouTube TikTok dance tutorials. I watch here.

•walk more – everyday ideally!

•do more to help around the house – I want my parents to relax more, and for me to do more.

•feel confident in my body – lose a little weight & tone up, and hopefully develop some abs. I got this! But as long as I love myself, that’s all that matters.

•have a truly great Summer and be at my happiest – guys I could go on and on about all the wonderful things I could have on my bucket list this Summer but truthfully I just want to be happy, successful, make money, spend ALL the blissful time with my loved ones, be outside in nature, be at one with the Universe, be present & relaxed, love myself and have adventures. Truly, I just want to live my best life.

So there you have my Summer bucket list!! Of course, I still need to reflect on my Spring bucket list, so that’ll be coming soon.

What’s on your Summer bucket list this year?

What are you looking forward to over the coming months?

As always thank you so much for reading,

with lots of love,

& happy Summer!



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  1. Great list, I’m sure you’ll be able to cross off a number of these in a couple of months! Do you have places in mind you want to travel to or go on holiday?

    Working 4 day weeks would be the dream, I used to do it in my previous job but two of the days were 10 hour days and they were long and often quiet x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much beauty ❤ lots of love to you! Okay so this year I've got a few places in mind, I'd love to do New York, Edinburgh, Vienna, Iceland, Strasbourg, Barcelona & Budapest (this not including the one I've got booked) but of course, this isn't just for the Summer haha these are just a few ideas I've got in mind / places I'd like to go this year etc.

      4 days would be great, 10 hour days is super long, what breaks did you get? That's long but was it worth it to have three days off or did you feel more tired?

      Thanks so much for commenting pretty xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow, that’s quite the list! Hope you get to visit all of those places someday 😀

        On the 10 hour days I got a half hour lunch and two 10 minute tea breaks which is less than what I get in my current job. Often I wouldn’t take my tea breaks as I was a cashier and the other staff didn’t know how to do it so I’d end up getting called back out anyway 😅 I was pretty tired on my days off, at the time I was in a relationship where I didn’t eat regularly so I’d be even more tired 😔


  2. Your summer bucket list makes me feel so refreshed and excited for you! I don’t know why but it just makes me so happy and hopeful about you! Speak and you shall recieve! I can’t wait!


  3. i love how personal this list is 🙂
    compared to mine (which i’m posting on tuesday i think?) yours is definitely better in terms of personal growth and all that 🙂
    i do believe you’ll be able to do all that 🙂


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