Spring Bucket List Ticks 2020

Hi, my loves… welcome back to my blog.

On Saturday I uploaded my Summer bucket list Hurray! Which means today I’m here with my Spring Bucket List ticks. Anything in bold means I ticked it off, though I do give some more chatty details too.

Let’s see how I got on throughout Spring…

  • Become the ultimate Spiritual and manifesting Queen! – hmm, getting there… 😉 I did manifest an opportunity to collab with Femme Luxe though through a fun intention setting manifestation, you can read about that here.
  • Practice Spirituality everyday – be that meditating, journaling, listening to podcasts & watching LOA / Spirituality Youtube videos, reading, mirror work, practising gratitude etc etc… I love all things Spirituality, so I’m looking forward to using these practices every single day – There were definitely some days I didn’t practice Spirituality, but it’s still something I’m doing more & more often now, yippeeeeee!!!!
  • Meditate & journal everyday – Ties in with the above goal! – nopeee I don’t think I achieved this… this season for SURE.
  • Spend lots of quality time with my family – definitely done!
  • Go for at least two walks a week together with my parents – hmm, we went on a lot of walks over Spring, but I don’t think it amounted to two a week every week. But we still spent lots of time together & I’m grateful
  • Walk at least every other day – I started a 30 day walking challenge at the beginning of June, so I can’t remember if I walked at least every other day, but over Spring I have definitely walked alooot which has been great.
  • Spend blissful time with my friends – I’m hoping I’ll be able to see them this Spring, Spring ends on June 20th so, I’m really hoping we can see one another before then – TICK. Yippeeee! I spent lots of quality time with my friends throughout Spring thankfully, and one of my highlights was celebrating my girl Daisy’s birthday. Blissful!
  • See The Beach Boys live in concert – nope, it got cancelled but there WILL be another time.
  • Spend time with my sister & her family – done!
  • Spend time with my brother & his family
  • Spend time with my Nan – done!
  • Spend time with my Grandparents – I saw them yesterday thankfully but technically, we were already in Summer yesterday. I have a lot to make up for this Summer hehe.
  • Book whichever holidays I am meant – I’m trusting the Universe with this one – ermmmm, I didn’t book any, but you know, Corona and all that.
  • Become fluent in Spanish – I have so much time on my hands now, I really should achieve this one! – Nope.
  • Improve my dancing and flexibility – I have been stretching more since lockdown, so fingers crossed I can really achieve this this Spring – Well I learnt a Tik Tok dance & kind of learnt how to ‘throw it back’ so I’mma say yes.
  • Be present, in flow and in alignment – still something I’m working on, but I’m getting there
  • Love love love myself – again, working on it. I realised I need to go a lot deeper with this, but it’s happening
  • Love love love everyone and everything – I’m definitely becoming more and more loving by the day, truly working on connecting to my heart centre and radiating peace and love. Meditation helps with this!
  • Immerse myself more in nature – done
  • Donate lots and lots to charity – I did donate to charity throughout Spring, as much as I could, so I’m going to say YES!! ❤
  • Create more fun and exciting makeup looks that I’m proud of
  • Grow my Instagram following
  • Become an affiliate for a second brand (I’m already fortunate enough to have an affiliate code with LuxeCaramel – Use code JENNIE40 for 40% off huns)
  • Visit London with my friends
  • Read LOTS – done
  • Improve my cooking – kind of done but I could be better, hehe
  • Have fun movie nights & game nights with my parents – done
  • Manifest a boyfriend – I know I probably won’t be going out on many dates at the moment all things considering but who knows when we’ll be allowed out again? Whether lockdown is lifted this Spring and I meet someone, or whether it’s just me manifesting being emotionally ready, and ready to meet my Soulmate when I can, I just want to get myself ready for that! I know what I mean, haha… knowing what I want, and putting myself into alignment with meeting my perfect romantic Soulmate, bring it on! – Well I did go on a social distanced date, at least I think it was a date… I don’t know? I’m calling it a date even though the words ‘date’ were never specifically used haha, anyway I’m calling it a dateeee lol. I’m still working on myself and healing parts of myself which is great, so I’m getting there. I love the journey
  • Laugh laugh laugh in abundance – Of course I laughed but I want to laugh MORE heheh!
  • Create amazing, wonderful Instagram content which I love – done
  • Post inspiring, positive and beneficial content on my blog – done *I hope hehe, I’ll let you be the judge 😉
  • Enjoy life – done
  • Become my highest self
  • Be my KINDEST self – I’m still not perfect haha, doing my best everyday
  • Help others – done
  • Be the best me I can be
  • Be the best friend I can be – I hope so!
  • Be the best family member I can be – I think I could be better, like I said in my Summer bucket list, I want to help around the house more.
  • Manifest lots and lots of money – done
  • Finish the first draft of my poetry book
  • Achieve my perfect body
  • Eat more fruits & vegetables & nutritional foods
  • Visit Avebury – If I can
  • Walk at St Ann’s Hill – I did yesterday but again, Summer lol
  • Go to the beach
  • Be a source of love, light and joy in this world and to all who I connect with – working on it
  • Learn more about astrology and my own birth chart / star signs etc – got to get back into this
  • Enjoy celebrating the perfect Easter with my parents – Easter feels ages ago now… dang, I can’t even remember what we got up to. But I did get a yummy Easter treat so I’mma just say done hehe.
  • Find inner peace & happiness
  • Practice gratitude every day
  • Set intentions on a regular (ideally daily and weekly- even monthly) basis – done
  • Have a wonderful, positive, fulfilling Spring – it was a good Spring, but I think with all the growth I’m experiencing, Summer is going to be even better.
    Reflecting on my Spring bucket list has made me realise just how long the Seasons are LOL, so I’m going to have to do better with tracking what I get up to throughout my Summer so when it comes to my Summer bucket list ticks, I can just go through and be like YAY. All achieved hehe.

What were your Spring highlights?

What are you most looking forward to this Summer?

Which Season is your favourite?

Be sure to let me know all your thoughts in the comments below…

As always thank you so much for reading,

with lots of love and light,


Read: ‘Summer Bucket List 2020’

Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y


  1. Um wow you achieved so much! I need to hold myself this accountable loool. Reading your posts always makes me feel really upbeat and inspired, it’s so lovely to see how motivated you are and how much progress you’re making xxx


  2. You go girl! What a busy little bee you have been! Spring is my favourite season, starts to warm up but isn’t too hot and all the flowers start blooming 😀


  3. WAIT WHAT THE BEACH BOYS ARE TOURING!? That sounds like a beautiful spring, you’ve done so much for you and your soul. A fantastic season indeed!


  4. Eee I love this, you’ve achieved so much !! Might start doing this for myself – it’s always so great to be able to look back and go tick, tick, tick! xx


  5. Girl you nailed it! I am so proud of you! And girl you ARE the best friend and an amazing blogger, and just over all such an incredible person! And I am lucky to have met you through blogging!
    Also I can totally feel you about the whole wanting to go on trips, but corona. Hopefully soon! I hope you have an amazing Summer! ❤


  6. you did so much! and lots of fun things too! 😀
    i’m glad you were able to hang out with your family. i don’t feel like i got to do much considering we went on lockdown just as spring started LOL


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