June Reflections 2020 | My Idea Of Bliss, Focusing on Myself & More

Oh hello my loves, how are we all today? Sending all the love and hugs your way.

If I’m honest, I’ve been feeling a bit down the past couple of days, maybe even the past couple of weeks. It’s a bit blergh, but I know so long as I keep focusing on myself, doing the inner work etc etc, life will only get better. To be honest, I’ve been feeling quite lonely, but it is what it is and now is a time to dig deep, and work on myself.

Anyway, today it’s time for my monthly reflections – this time reflecting on the month of June 2020.

Okay, I took a lil’ break. I started writing this on a Friday, and now it’s Saturday hehe. Just dragged myself away from Rollercoaster Tycoon to write this, I have been hooked recently. The best £3.50 I’ve ever spent, haha. Also, I’m feeling better now – hooray. So let’s get on with the June reflections.

Well, I don’t really know where to start if I’m honest. June was a good month which totally featured one of my favourite weekends where I felt so blissful, I spent the Saturday with good friends, and the Sunday with my family and the whole weekend was just perfect. I felt present and in the moment, just enjoying life so what more could you want really? Being present is something I’m really keen on at the moment, so to completely ‘switch off’ and just enjoy being with my loved ones, thinking about nothing else except that moment, oh it felt so good. I spent time outside, in the beautiful sunshine, surrounded by the people I love. That is bliss.

I discovered a lot about my bliss in June – for me, spending time outside with the people I love just having a good time is bliss for me, and also, living room dance parties on my ones as I sage and cleanse my energy. Guys, I’ve found my vibe raiser. Yesterday, I swear I must have burnt 20202002 calories just shaking it out to Sean Paul. When are the clubs reopening because I am going to be working that dance floor and I can’t wait!!! I decided to try out sage-ing last month, and I’m so grateful that I did. It feels so good and cleansing, which I’m guessing is the desired effect. Sage-ing and dancing at the same time = a dream. I’m being careful though, the other day my sage was not going out and I thought I was going to start a fire. So disclaimer if you’re going to sage – BE CAREFUL!!!!


In June, I spent good time with my friends, and good time with my family. I enjoyed a day picnic with some friends which turned into an all day session where I drank pink gin, peed in a bush, dropped my dressing gown in said pee and pretty much just had a good time. Thank goodness bars and pubs are starting to reopen now so we can actually drink somewhere where there’s a bathroom, however I did enjoy the field vibes. It was very chilled and of course, I’m very grateful to my gal Daisy for inviting me on this picnic. Thanks babygal!

Over the past month, I’ve been learning / practising going with the flow more, and focusing on my own self approval more. So I’m learning to love myself without seeking the approval of others. Without seeking validation from others. I’m just becoming more authentically myself and having a good time. That’s important. It’s important we love ourselves and validate ourselves, without worrying about what others think of us. Because if we’re always worrying about others opinions, we’ll never be happy. I’m just focusing on being my best self, and having a good time. That’s all that matters.

And I also want to talk a little about relationships / my ex. Well I know in April I said I’d moved on from my ex etc etc, which I had. But now I feel like that’s levelled up even more. Last month I really realised that I needed to let go completely, no dwelling on any feelings that may have been lingering, the confusion over how I felt etc etc. For my own self and my own happiness, it was time I really let go. I almost feel as though I moved onto the angry stage a little, where I was just angry at the relationship and even myself for even allowing things to get so bad, and that’s no disrespect to my ex at all because I truly do wish him the best, I’ll always wish him the best and I mean that, but I can’t believe I accepted less than what I deserved but it’s okay because that’s what got me here. That’s what’s made me me. But I realised that I just had to completely let go because it wasn’t fair for me to dwell, not in the slightest. I know my worth, and I know my Prince is coming. But I’m also focusing on me, and being my best self because self growth is such a thrill, and I’m just so excited to be my best me.

I gotta say what else… because I don’t know, I think I’m moving onto this month now and how I want to be. Like I said, I just want to be my best self, my kindest self, do lots of inner work and focus on my Spiritual growth & just have a fantastic time with my loved ones. Bring it on!!!!

And before this post ends, it’s time to talk about Black Lives Matter. Because we must consistently talk about this, we must be the change, we must raise awareness. and we must make this world better.

So I want to start with sharing the petition for Justice For Breonna Taylor – please sign this here and if you’ve already signed it then I urge you to share, share, share.

Sign the petition for Justice For Brandon Roberts here!!!

Support black owned businesses –

For makeup – Ace Beaute

For fashion – Diva Boutique

& for more recommendations I discovered a few brands from this NikkiTutorials video and this video from FreddyMyLove which is how I discovered the two brands listed above.

And now I want to share some Instagram accounts –

You guys know I love my reading, so I’ve been enjoying having a little scroll through and picking up some recommendations.

I love this guy, he’s currently hosting an IGTV series called ‘Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man’ and it’s a must watch. It’s very eye opening, informative, honest and educational, so I really think this is an important series to watch and share with others – especially people who think that there isn’t an issue, or are ignorant to what’s going on. This series will make you aware, and give you a deeper sense of understanding for things that you may not have understood so well previously.

I’ve also started watching Dear White People on Netflix and I’m on the second season, this again is another show which I have learnt so much from, it’s really eye opening and has explained a lot and made me understand the movement so much more. It’s really important that we continue to educate ourselves, check ourselves and others and just focus on making a difference, standing in solidarity with the black community, and coming together with the black community so we CAN and WILL make a positive change.

Continue to educate, continue to make a change.

I’d also encourage you to sign this petition ‘Make Black British History Compulsory In Schools’ here. It IS SO important we are educated, and that future generations grow up educated!!!!! – As the petition says ‘By teaching our children at a young age, it will bring awareness to the oppression, discrimination and lack of protection that these community face in their day to day life in the hopes of making this country a more understanding, knowledgeable and equal one.’

With all my love,



  1. My Sweet ! I have also been feeling the same way, I’ve been struggling to write lately and just been feeling a little down. I think that has something to do with the fact that life seems to feel like it’s getting back to normal, but in reality when you put a microscope over it, it’s so far from any normal we’ve ever known. I mourn that. I think we all do, but I think – like you said – dancing it out, sage-ing it out is a form of cleansing yourself. It’s a form of holding onto the part of ourselves that isn’t defined by the world around us.

    I also know and understand that feeling of letting go of a past relationship. It’s a process to say the least, but a process that I’ve learned isn’t controlled by you, but by your heart. So allow your heart time for that. I’ve been there, I know that feeling all too well, of thinking you’re over it but then feeling a rush of anger or sadness when you think of what was. It creeps up on you. Honestly, it’s the fucking worst. It took me 2 years to fully completely let go. I used to hate that it took so long, but I think that says something to how much I loved him. How I felt all those emotions. If you ever need a good vent, you know where to find me. xo

    Here’s to July! Here’s to you stepping even more into who you are, who you are meant to be. I can’t wait to see what you do. xx


  2. I totally feel you girl. I feel a bit meh the past few weeks, I think it’s because things are half open and it’s frustrating me. Like go back ti normal properly or stay in lockdown I cba😂😂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jenni, I’ve missed you! So happy to see your face on here. I hope these past few days have treated you better. The ice cream cone looks heavenly and yes, love yourself unapologetically!!

    I completely understand with the ex situation. If you ever need a listening ear, I’m here for you! ♥ You have such a kind spirit that people gravitate toward you. It’s a confusing time and age, but keep growing and going. You are wonderful and the right person won’t take your character for granted!


  4. I know I am only just catching up, but your June is how I feel about July. It will all even out, Life is about the ebb and flow of good and bad and it is all reciprocal, but it can be tough. Sending you so much love and light! I hope July is going amazing for you! ❤


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