Welcome To My Bookshelf | What I’ve Read July 2020 + Currently Reading

Hello beautiful friends,

how are YOU today?

Of course it’s that time again where I share what I’ve been reading throughout the month and my thoughts on those books, however, July has been a super slow reading month for me and I’ve actually only completed one book!

So without further ado, let’s get into that one singular review, and of course what I’m currently reading.


*Potential Spoilers Throughout*

The Starless Sea – Erin Morgenstern


The Starless Sea… where do I begin? After rereading The Night Circus this year, I needed more Erin Morgenstern writing in my life and luckily, she had just released her second novel ‘The Starless Sea’, last year.

A beautiful fantasy tale, I was enticed, intrigued and excited from the beginning. The imagery in this story is beautiful, and it’s without doubt that Erin Morgenstern is an incredibly talented writer. The feelings she evokes in her writing, the magic, it’s all there. She truly is magical.

This story is filled with magic, adventure, fantasy and intrigue. You want to read on as you need to know what happens next, and whilst the story is so beautifully written and simply gorgeous, the conclusion of the story was more sweet than anything. Sweet and soft but not quite so satisfying. The way things tied together was beautiful, and the whole Spirituality aspect of the book was just a dream. Oh, this book is dreamy for sure, and I’m definitely going to reread this one as I’m keen to experience it all over again, however, there was just something slightly missing for me when it came to the conclusion / ending.

Maybe I’m missing something, maybe I need to read it again to appreciate it even more, because writing about it now, it makes even more sense, I can see where Erin was going with this and I do love the story but the ending just felt slightly anti-climatic for me, just ever so slightly. Like all that build up and fantasy to get… well, nowhere really.

Having said that, the book is still absolutely gorgeous as I’m sure you can tell from what I’ve already written about it, it is oh so dreamy. Maybe it’s not meant to be anything more than magical, and I love the meanings behind certain parts etc, the cycle of life maybe?

The story was beautifully, magically written and my favourite part that spoke to my Soul was ‘The Ballad Of Simon and Eleanor’, doesn’t that sound beautiful? Stunning!!! I also loved the characters, the relationships etc etc. Zachary’s mama, Kat Hawkins, Zachary himself. It’s quite a beautiful piece of literacy, almost like a song, like a ballad. I am definitely going to be rereading this and I’d probably just reread ‘The Ballad Of Simon and Eleanor’ part again too over and over, but oh there are so many beautiful aspects to this story, however I’ve just realised, there’s something that I don’t remember being concluded with, there’s a certain part of the story that I don’t understand the significance to. This is a book that I think you’d just wish to go on forever, to get lost in that magical fantasy world forever. It’s so…. complex? Like I don’t have a set thought on the book other than that it’s a beautiful magical fantasy. So if you’re looking for a dreamy fantasy escape, then yes, I would recommend this, but don’t expect too much wildness from the ending, it’s simply just pretty beautiful.

I look forward to seeing what Erin releases next, she is a magical author. If anybody knows any other books similar to ‘The Night Circus’ and ‘The Starless Sea’, then please do let me know!!!

I’m just going to go and read some other reviews on the book now, as I’m so intrigued to see what others have to say!

Okay, I read a few reviews on goodreads which you can read here, these short reviews sum the book up pretty perfectly, even the ones who weren’t so keen. It is a slower book, and true not such an easy read. It’s just pure fantasy and magic, so if that’s what you’re looking for then you’ll like this, but it can be slow at points and sometimes you’re just ready to know what happens, and yes, the conclusion is quite underwhelming, but it’s still beautiful, like a song.

I’d rate The Starless Sea a 4/5.

Currently Reading

The Little Book Of Mindfulness – Dr Patrizia Collard


I’m still reading this little mindfulness book but tbh, I think I’m gonna give it a miss for a while. There are some good exercises in the book, but I’m not really enjoying reading it too much and there are other books I’d prefer to prioritise, maybe I’ll come back to it later.

So this wraps up my July reading, though I do plan on sunbathing today with a book, so I’ll definitely be starting something new… I’m sure you’ll hear all about that in next months book wrap up!

What are you reading at the moment?

Have you read either of the books mentioned in this post?

What do you recommend I add to my ‘tbr’ pile next?

Be sure to let me know all your thoughts in the comments below.

as always thank you so much for reading,

with so much love and light,


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  1. Ive also been slacking on my reading this month :/ but I do have two new books being delivered that I’ll hopefully have for August! One is “Build An Empire” by Elena Cardone and the other one is “Sorry Not Sorry” by Naya Rivera. That stinks about The Little Book of Mindfulness, just by the title, I surely would’ve picked that one up too. The way you described Starless Sea sounds SOOO good, you had me at magic and adventure! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It must be a July Jenny thing! 😉 ooh both of those sounds GREAT! I definitely would love to know what you think of Build An Empire for sure. That sounds awesome!! I know 😦 it’s just not exciting to pick up so I don’t bother! Maybe another time! And oooh yes hun! Parts of it gave me fantastic beasts vibes too, but it’s very well written! If you read it, enjoy! Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So glad you loved The Starless Sea! Agree with you on the ending, I definitely wanted more and it was a little…eh?? Like, what ?? But nevertheless I still loved it. A beautiful story! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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