6 Minutes Vs 60 Minutes Makeup Challenge with Rossy @ayrgalaxy

Hey, beautiful beings, how are YOU today?

For well over a year now, my good friend Rossy and I have been planning to do a collaboration post, we’ve toyed about with a few ideas, but not really had that one solid one which stuck… until now!

After having a little chat in the comments of a blog post (I cannot remember which, it must have been a makeup one for sure though ;)), the idea came up of doing a 60 second makeup challenge, I suggested this because I thought it’d be really fun, but then Rossy suggested the more… practical idea of doing the 6 minute Vs 60 minute makeup challenge, as really, what could we achieve in 60 seconds? In hindsight, seeing what I’ve created with my 6 minutes, I’d definitely be interested in trying a 60 second look out but I’d probably only get my base foundation on and maybe a little bit of liner. Even the pro pro’s I don’t think could do too much with 60 seconds.

Anyway, massive Shoutout to Rossy for suggesting we do this challenge, and credit to Kelsey Impicciche for creating this challenge.

I actually created so many looks when it came to this challenge, and our posts were actually due to go up last week but I just KNEW I could do better than what I’d done. I asked Rossy if we could reschedule so I had time to create new, better looks for the challenge and I am so grateful she said yes because I am much happier now with what I’ve come up with.

6 Minutes

I’m actually quite impressed with what I achieved in 6 minutes with this makeup look. I think a bold lip is always a good choice when you haven’t much time to do your makeup, as it adds that pop of colour so instantly looks like you’re more glammed up, even when you’ve not spent too long getting ready. I’m happy with how the eye makeup turned out, though it’s definitely not perfect, I think with 6 minutes to create this look, I did well.

60 Minutes

Believe it or not, the 60 minute challenge is where I struggled. I created two looks at first and neither of them I was happy with, it just didn’t look like I’d achieved enough with the time I’d been given. The looks were very basic, and 30 minutes into the challenge I’d be virtually almost finished, so I knew with my most recent attempt I needed to do something a little more challenging. I did attempt a spotlight eye at one point, but this didn’t go too well, so I tried again with a glittery cut crease, which was slightly inspired by Ed Sheeran and Stormzy’s ‘Take Me Back To London’ song. I was listening to it on my walk, and it gave me inspo for this makeup look!

So I really like how this look turned out, I LOVE the nude lip, and the cut crease eye. On one eye I did white eyeliner on top and black underneath, the other eye I did black liner on top and white underneath. I did this because when I first applied the white eyeliner intending for it to be that way on both eyes, I wasn’t sure I was keen and the liner is quite a tricky one to apply, so I decided to play it safe and go with black on the other eye – creating a more edgy look. 😉

My only wish for this look is that I’d blended the silver glitter out into my lid more, as I feel it looks a little bit harsh. I’m still happy with it overall, and it felt so good to get properly glammed up and rock a powerful eye look. I felt great!

I finished this look with around 5 minutes to spare!

Here’s a peek at the other looks I created before the above two!

6 minutes

Compared to the look I actually shared for this challenge, I like this but I definitely think the one above is more striking!!! This is a very soft, fresh faced look and of course, I went for that bold lip to give it all the glam vibes.

60 Minutes –

Full disclosure, I believe I turned the vibrance up for these photos. I do LOVE this look so much, it’s something I’d wear on an everyday basis and I’m loving the faux lashes (I need to get some more lashes actually, little reminder hehe), but I just thought for 60 minutes, I could have done more. Still love this look though.

I also created this look with 60 minutes, and the hardest part was the lashes. This is the first look I attempted for the 60 minute challenge so it was my first time wearing lashes in so long and I really struggled with them, this isn’t my favourite look but I do love the lip colour.

How long does it typically take you to do your makeup?

Which looks are your favourite from the ones I have shared today?

Be sure to let me know all your thoughts in the comments below!

Of course, be sure to check out the beautiful Rossy’s post here. She is the makeup QUEEN!

*Rossy’s 6 Minutes vs 60 Minutes Challenge*

As always thank you so much for reading,

with lots of love and light,


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Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y


  1. For your first set of photos:

    Girllllll! I’m jelly of your 6 min makeup look! I spent way too much time on my brows, I’m such a perfectionist I could NOT do what you did here with such a short amount of time LOL perhaps I need to do my makeup more often and get more practice in to achieve what you’ve done here 😉
    and you’re totally right, a bold lip does add more color and looks more glam even if you didn’t take as long to do your makeup. I’m honestly so impressed you were able to do liner too! amazing!

    I love what you’ve done with 60 minutes too! It definitely looks striking and I love what you’ve done with that glittery silver shade 😀


    For your second set of photos:

    For the 6min one you exude natural beauty!! Whoaaaaa! You look beautiful! Now I wish I would have gone in with a bold lip as well 😉

    I love both of the 60 min looks you did, I really love the yellow because I’m obsessed haha but the other you already posted on IG was so so beautiful too and bold! 😀

    well done love! ❤


  2. Oh my goodness girl you look good in both of them, i can’t pick one for the life of me ….good job darling …good job
    On a good day it takes me an hour to do my makeup with my shaky hands ruining my eyeliner 🤣🤣


  3. So many cool looks . It really varies with me . It seems when I have 6 minutes my makeup always looks rushed lol . I just need 10 extra minutes ☺️ Love the yellow shadow look💛💛💛


  4. What a fun idea! You look gorge in all the pics (I’m so bad at makeup lol it takes me 15 mins just to get my eyeliner right). Also, I’m running a collab month in September – would you want to get involved? xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much beauty and omg I bet your eye makeup always looks PERFECT!! You are absolutely gorgeous anyway! Omg Yes yes yes please, I am so interested I would love to *heart eyes* thanks for commenting lovely xx hope you’re well!


  5. I love your 6 minute makeup looks, you’re such a natural beauty! 60 minutes on makeup sounds like a lot of time haha, I usually do my face for work in about 25 minutes but if I was experimenting or playing around with lashes it would take longer x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw Chanelle – says you!! Thank you ❤ Yes I would say average for an everyday look for me would be about 20 minutes to half an hour? Tbh I can just do it in about whatever time I have but if I'm taking my time, half an hour. Thanks for commenting gorgeous ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  6. oh my girlie, I am IMPRESSED! It takes me 6 minutes to just to do my wing liner hahah I love the nude lip with the silver shimmer eye, gorg!!! On average I’d say it takes me maybe 10-15 minutes on make up. But as of late, I’ve literally just been throwing on lashes and calling it a day lol This is such a fun collab and so suiting to both of you glam gals ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOU TWINNIE!!!! Omg haha, somehow I’m just really quick with my makeup? When I tell you I struggled at first to even take an hour!! Thank you hun, I do love a nude lip especially when the eye is a little more done up. 10-15 is good! YES to lashes omg there’s something about lashes which make all the difference. No makeup but fresh lashes? Such a look.

      Thank you so much gorgeous! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I am obsessed with these pics and your make-up! It all looks so effortless and seamless and you are an absolute goddess! I also agree with you about the lip! A great lip is everything!
    I am horrible when it oems to my make-up,I literally do the bare minimum. I wis I had you talent beauty, because you are make-up goals! ❤


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