You Came Along | Poetry

You came along

You’re my knight in shining armour

Riding up on your horse

Pulled me up in your arms

We deep breathed together

You keep me calm


Protecting me from the demons

You sing my song

That my hearts been beating

It’s okay to need a King sometimes

You came along and changed my life

Now with you by my side

I thrive

I thrive

You came along

My knight in shining armour

Our hearts sing the song

They beat in time together

We are one

Meant to be forever

You came along


For more of my poetry please click here.

Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y


    1. Ooh I love this question hun! This one was actually inspired by a dream I had 😂😂 literally one of those ones right before I woke up then I woke up and was like excuse me? I’d like to finish the dream please 😂 so I wrote it haha! Thanks hun ❤️

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