Memories | Poetry


I know you have memories here just like me

And I wonder do the memories sit the same with you

Whisper in your ear as the trees fall down

Lingering in your mind

‘How is she doing now?’

Could you walk this path I wander through

Be transported back to the time of me and you

Cause even though it’s been a year now

And we’re not close but you don’t feel far somehow

Do the memories still live inside your heart?

Holding on so we are never 

Truly apart

Do you reach out your hand to cup my face in yours

Only to open your eyes and all you see

Are your blurred beige walls

Do the tears sting as they roll down your face

Does your throat constrict

When you realise

The memories can’t be erased

And do you ever feel a little joy

To have known me at all

Because even though you’re no longer mine

I’m still elated to have shared your time

And the memories

I hold on to now

I cherish them 

And love them

And I’m grateful they stick around

This is one of my favourite poems that I have ever written, I hope you love it too!

For more of my poetry, please click here.

Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y

Gorgeous header photo taken by my gorgeous friends Vikki and Elaine!


  1. i really love this poem, one of my favorites ❤ ❤ ❤ it has so many different emotions that even i could not help but remember some memories too 🙂 ❤
    sending lots of love to ya doll! ❤


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