Joy and Happiness | Poetry

Come on

Let’s create a Universe

Filled with pure fulfilling bliss

Appreciate the here and now

This life that’s such a gift

Come on let’s create a world

Filled with pure joy and happiness

Awaken to your power

Vibrate at 5d consciousness 

Come on let’s create a world

Filled with happiness and laughter

Let’s focus on our blessings

Create our happily ever after

We all deserve to be here

We all deserve to thrive

So come on

Let’s give thanks

And truly become alive

Featured photo taken by my girls Vikki and Elaine. Click their names to find them on Insta!

For more of my poetry please click here.

Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y


    1. Ah I am so grateful for your comment lovely and how it inspires me!!!! You remind me to stay in my positive energy and make this world a better place hehe. Lots of love gorgeous Angel on Earth! ❤


  1. Such good energy in everything you write!!! You’re so beautifully positive and it exudes through your words, I can only imagine that you’re a ball of sunshine in person! I love it! ❤


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