Let’s Talk about Alcohol

Let’s talk about alcohol

More specifically, how I’m not consuming it again.

Admittedly yes I am writing this at 7:55 am on a Sunday morning as I’m suffering from a mild case of beer fear and my left contact still in my eye because I couldn’t get it out in my not so sober state last night – who knows what happened to the right one – but I’m writing this here today now on the blog to hold myself accountable and ensure that I stick to my goal of not drinking alcohol in 2021! It’s a no from me.

In the recent week, somebody asked me what my New Years resolution was. I said I didn’t really have one, because whilst I have goals etc, they’re all things I’m already working on. I didn’t have a specific resolution in mind. Then I had a great idea – no alcohol! I’ve always been up and down when it comes to drinking, I don’t really enjoy it and I hate how it makes me feel afterwards. I’ve quit drinking many times before, but somehow I always find my way back to it, hence this blog post, to hold myself accountable! 

I was originally going to start my 2021 goal of ‘no alcohol’ straight away being that there’s no time like the present, however having plans to go for drinks last night I thought hey, I’ll just start in 2021. As I was slightly tipsy, I even almost CANCELLED my New Years resolution of no alcohol. I’m pretty sure I even said ‘I can’t believe my 2021 resolution was going to be to not have alcohol’ because in my tipsy state, I was envisioning all the drunken adventures I was about to get up to in the not so distant future.

Fast forward a nights sleep and I can assure you, the resolution is back on and it starts immediately.

This girl is not drinking alcohol, at least for the next year and one month. If in 2022 I decide to have a drink again then maybe I will, but I can’t imagine that happening after a year off. I can only imagine how good I’ll feel.

I don’t like the feeling of embarrassment or regret that comes with drinking too much, worrying about what I said, who’s photos I liked on Instagram etc etc. I’m done with the beer fear and I’m done waking up with regret, hence why I’m not having alcohol again and I can’t bloody wait to start this journey!

Bring it on.

So this post is to officially confirm that I’m no longer drinking alcohol for the rest of 2020 and the whole of 2021, then who knows from then on out. What I do know is, I’m looking forward to a year of being sober and feeling fresh when I wake up after a night out, maybe a bit tired, but fresh all the same.

Bye bye alcohol, hello happy!

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  1. I clicked on this post so fast, I love how honest you are. Drinking alcohol has been normalised so much but the negative side effects from it isn’t spoken about enough. I used to be such a big drinker but after having 8 months of no alcohol I have realised how many bad decisions and regretful mornings I have had that is all down to too many vodkas. Thank you for being so inspiring, I can’t wait to hear all about your journey and how amazing this will make you feel. You got this girly xxx

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    1. Ah I love you! Honestly so true! I think drinking is fine in moderation – like a glass or two here and there but honestly I’d rather just cut it out completely and know that I’m not a drinker, otherwise I find it too easy to get carried away and those relaxed couple of drinks turns into four five six seven! So I’d rather just not put myself in that situation again! Honestly!!! I don’t have any regrets as such because it’s all an experience but there’s certainly ways that I want to move forward with no more of that beer fear! I’m leaving that behind me now to trust myself more and enjoy life more sober! Thank you so much Queen! I will definitely post an update post once I feel ready, I guess after a year / beginning of 2022 maybe? We’ll see! Thank you so much for your support Angel, you truly are the best! Xxx


    1. Incredible!!! That’s amazing – and so pleased to hear you have done what’s best for you and you don’t miss alcohol! It must feel good after 28 years of not having it! Thank you so much for your support ❤️

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  2. Aaw girl I have to admit I barely drink and people always find it odd. I enjoyed the odd cocktail like when we went out but more often than not you can just feel crappy after. So don’t blame you x

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    1. Yes exactly! That was perfect because we literally had a couple and it was chilled! But sometimes I find it too easy to get carried away so I really would rather just stick to the mocktails in future lol speaking of I had a really nice mocktail at Jin Bo Law recently!!!! So we should totally go again when we can. Thank you lovely xx

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      1. I am more of a couple of cocktails and chill girl. I drank loads in Asia but it was paced like a couple of cocktails then one later and I always felt fine as they wasn’t strong. Did you go again? Yes definitely I loved it there😊❤ xx

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  3. Yes girrl!!! You got this, I’m proud of you for making a decision on something that’ll only benefit you in the long run<3 I've grown to be a very light and minimal drinker to almost none solely because I agree with you, I hate the after effects. I just feel awful and usually its a day wasted and I disliked that feeling. You're going to do great! ❤

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