Snowy Imagination | Poetry

Snowy pavements
Bobble hats
Leave the door
On the latch

Building snowmen
On our front porch
We dash inside
To soon get warm

Then back out we go
Armed with carrots
Some for the snowmen
Most for our grumbling stomachs

We add the arms
Then make snow Angels
New companions
For our snowy fables

I gift my snowman
The scarf I once used to keep warm
In the spirit of giving
With my Winter hat he’s adorned

We rush back inside
And toast by the fire
Feasting on selection box chocolate
Whilst our snowy friends conspire

In the new dawn
We run back outside
Snowmen and snow Angels
Arms raised to say hi

We sit on our sledge
Which we’ve turned to a bench
Hot chocolate in hands
We laugh with our snowy friends

Thankful to my Dad for inspiring this cute Christmassy poem, I asked him for a random word and he said ‘snow’, which led me to writing this. Thank you!

Feature photo is of me when I was a child, and my little snow pals which definitely aren’t made from real snow – at least not as far as I can remember – haha!

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