Self Love & Forgiveness

I’m not ‘perfect’ and that’s okay
I’m gonna love myself anyway
I let go
Forgive my mistakes
God made me perfect with love His way
I am learning everyday
Paving my way
I smile with ease
Walk with faith
Knowing I can move through with grace

Hello, my sweet beautiful loved one – how are YOU today?

Today, I wanted to share this little poem I wrote all about self forgiveness. It’s so important to acknowledge that we are all doing our best with what we know – you are doing your best with what you know, and you are doing your best.

You deserve to forgive yourself as you would forgive others – be your own best friend. You are here to live & enjoy life, my love, that is what you are so worthy of. Mistakes are how we learn, heal and grow. They do not define us and you deserve to free yourself from any guilt you may be carrying, anything that is weighing you down or not serving you. You forgive yourself, you are doing your best everyday.

An amazing meditation I love which really helps with self forgiveness is Leeor Alexandra’s Sacral Chakra meditation – this meditation is so healing, cleansing & releasing, linked here, I highly recommend this meditation.

Remember, you are sacred & your energy is sacred. Think about all the good that you are, the fact that you’re here, reading this – this says everything, you are exactly who you are meant to be, as you are meant to be and you are doing your best.

With so much love,


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