My Sweet Bedroom | Poetry

I look around this bedroom

And see a room that’s filled with love

Love of friendship

Love of family

Of my sweet lovers touch

All forms so beautiful

All love perfectly enough

Photo frames filled with laughter

That my Loved Ones helped me to hang up

Walls my friends and I painted

The curtains my mother helped me choose

Loves physical representation

You would find in my sweet bedroom

The mirror where I tell myself

‘I love you’ everyday

The teddy bears and gifts

In this room I decorate

With love friendship kindness

I give thanks to the Divine

As I breathe here in my sweet bedroom

I give thanks for my love filled life

This is definitely one of my favourite poems I have ever wrote, with love, I hope you enjoyed, appreciate the beauty of life, and stay forever blessed. There’s so much magick here with us now, love you!

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Header photo is an old photo from 2020, from my Valentines Look Book

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