Simple Pleasures | December Poetry Advent

Simple pleasures
Singing Taylor Swift in the car with your best friend
Simple pleasures
Seeing the excitement light up people’s faces when they see the Christmas lights
In the mall
For the first time
Simple pleasures
It’s cupcakes and it’s flowers
It’s smiles
Long hot showers
And singing on the hill
Screaming at the top of your lungs
In the moonlight
With your soul sister
Simple pleasures
It’s being in tune with the Universe
It’s the people that you love
And their smiles
Simple pleasures
It’s joy and it’s laughter
Happy ever after is here and now
If you breathe with the love that’s in your soul
And you let it flow
Simple pleasures
It’s long hugs
It’s compliments
And it’s the giving and being told you’re beautiful
Simple pleasures
It’s friendship and it’s happiness
It’s long, slow kisses and the knowing
That we have our whole lives ahead of us
To enjoy blissful moments
Simple pleasures
It’s the ‘stranger’ in the store
Teaching you a new word- ‘apricity’
And if you don’t know what that means
Then I’ll teach you
The warmth of the sun in winter
Simple pleasures
That I get to teach you a word
May you spread your favourite
Word and teach someone something beautiful today
Simple pleasures
It’s the love that’s in my life
The people by my side
And it’s you reading
Simple pleasures
How we’re truly all so kind
And if you look,
You shall find so seek the pleasures
Simple pleasures
They’re everywhere


Hello, my beautiful loved one, delightful being! Radiant sunshine! Hehe, isn’t the sun so glorious? all of the Universe is! SO many gifts from Mother Nature, we’re so lucky. Anyway – welcome to my December Poetry Advent! Throughout this month, I have been Divinely Inspired to share poetry with you regularly here on the blog advent calendar style – however, just putting it out there that I won’t be sharing poetry everyday of advent, just often throughout the days leading up to Christmas! I hope they bring you joy, good feelings and happiness, and I wish you a very merry December. Lots of love,


What are you grateful for today!?

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