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June Reflections 2020 | My Idea Of Bliss, Focusing on Myself & More

Oh hello my loves, how are we all today? Sending all the love and hugs your way. If I’m honest, I’ve been feeling a bit down the past couple of days, maybe even the past couple of weeks. It’s a bit blergh, but I know so long as I keep focusing on myself, doing the […]

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You Have ALWAYS Been Good Enough | Poetry

I want you to know You’re perfect as you are Every perfect freckle Every perfect scar Your body is your temple The story of your life Treat your home with kindness Baby see how you shine Cellulite Skinny thighs Hazel, blue, brown, green eyes You’re perfect as you are The Universe formed you From the […]

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Welcome To My Bookshelf | What I’ve Read June 2020 + Currently Reading

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. How are YOU today? Well, it’s time again for another monthly book round up, so without further ado here’s a look at what I’ve read this month and what I’m currently reading. Enjoy. My One True North – Milly Johnson What a beautiful book. I believe this is […]

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My Favourite Blog Posts | Spring 2020

Hello everybody, how are you today? We are over a week into Summer and I’m enjoying the season so far, and I am so looking forward to the further blessings I have coming my way. This Summer truly will be the best, I just know it. Being that we are now over a week into […]

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Ladies Summer Fashion | I SAW IT FIRST Clothing Haul & Look Book

Hey Angels and welcome back to my blog, how are YOU!? Today it’s haul time, as at the beginning of this month I spent a lot of money on what is probably my favourite online clothing store – I Saw It First. Ever since one of my best friends Daisy introduced me to this online […]

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Spring Bucket List Ticks 2020

Hi, my loves… welcome back to my blog. On Saturday I uploaded my Summer bucket list Hurray! Which means today I’m here with my Spring Bucket List ticks. Anything in bold means I ticked it off, though I do give some more chatty details too. Let’s see how I got on throughout Spring… Become the […]

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Summer Bucket List 2020

Hey everyone, happy Summer! So it’s officially Summer 2020 which means it’s time for another bucket list, filled with all my hopes and dreams for this Season. I’m looking forward to having a chilled out, good time, so without further ado, here’s my Summer 2020 bucket list. Enjoy! •complete my life coach course with positive […]

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An honest chat on feeling guilty, learning from my mistakes & life in general (kind of)

Feeling guilty for my mistakes won’t change the fact I’ve made them. I’m wallowing, feeling anxious and, horrible, because I feel guilty. You know, I’m not perfect. I’ve made mistakes and I know that even though I wish I could be perfect, I’m sure I’ll probably make mistakes in the future too. That’s what being […]

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Clinique Haul Spring 2020

Hello, my sunshine’s! How are YOU today? Today I am bringing a little haul to the blogosphere as over the past few weeks / couple of months I have treated myself to a few bits and bobs from the wonderful Skincare & beauty brand Clinique. Now quick disclaimer technically I am *currently* employed by Clinique […]

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Femme Luxe Intention Setting Success Story | Law Of Attraction & Spirituality

Oh hi my boo’s, Law of Attraction time today, can I get a yay? Yayyyyyy, haha. Read: ‘An introduction to the Law Of Attraction’ Today I’d like to share with you a fun intention setting success story, so let’s get into it. As part of one of my recent morning routines, I would set daily […]