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‘Makeup To Be Murdered By’ Eminem Inspired Makeup Look Book

Hey, Angels. How is everyone feeling today? Let me know in the comments, open up, express yourself, be honest. Whatever you are feeling, I am here for you always!!! & if you’re feeling good, then I am totally here to celebrate that! Through everything, I am here! My comments are always open! ♥ Today, I […]

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My Current Concert Bucket List

You know I love speaking things into existence… hence why I’m doing a ‘concert bucket list’ blog post! Hey guys, and welcome back to my blog! How is everyone today? As you may know if you know me personally or follow my blog, I LOVE speaking things into existence! I’m a big believer in the […]

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My iTunes Music Top 25 Most Played Playlist

Hello my loves, and welcome back to my blog. How is everyone today!? Recently, I’ve been enjoying reading fellow bloggers posts all about music. Different playlists, song recommendations etc, I’ll leave a few links here for you to check out: 2019 (so far) in music Very Specific Pt 17 Since I’ve been enjoying these music […]