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You Have ALWAYS Been Good Enough | Poetry

I want you to know You’re perfect as you are Every perfect freckle Every perfect scar Your body is your temple The story of your life Treat your home with kindness Baby see how you shine Cellulite Skinny thighs Hazel, blue, brown, green eyes You’re perfect as you are The Universe formed you From the […]

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An honest chat on feeling guilty, learning from my mistakes & life in general (kind of)

Feeling guilty for my mistakes won’t change the fact I’ve made them. I’m wallowing, feeling anxious and, horrible, because I feel guilty. You know, I’m not perfect. I’ve made mistakes and I know that even though I wish I could be perfect, I’m sure I’ll probably make mistakes in the future too. That’s what being […]

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Femme Luxe Intention Setting Success Story | Law Of Attraction & Spirituality

Oh hi my boo’s, Law of Attraction time today, can I get a yay? Yayyyyyy, haha. Read: ‘An introduction to the Law Of Attraction’ Today I’d like to share with you a fun intention setting success story, so let’s get into it. As part of one of my recent morning routines, I would set daily […]

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4 Ways I’m Detoxifying My Body For A Better State Of Mind | 1 Year (& 3 months) On

Hello, my loves. Wow, I’m doing a year on style post, gosh, it feels a little weird. It’s more actually a ‘year and three months’ on, because today I’m going to be reflecting on a blog post I shared on March 1st, 2019. WOW. Read: ‘4 Ways I’m Detoxifying My Body For A Better State […]

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Peace, Love, Unity | Poetry

Peace, love and unity Smile at your neighbour Peace, love and unity Breathe in let’s come together Peace, love and unity Remember the greatest truth We are all one family You are the Universe and I am too Peace, love and unity Our hearts they beat with love Peace, love and unity Remember we are […]

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Let’s Talk About My Favourite YouTuber – Leeor Alexandra

Let’s talk about my favourite YouTuber… Hey guys and dolls, how are YOU today? Today I’m here with a post dedicated to one of my all time favourite YouTuber’s, Leeor Alexandra. If you know me, or if you’ve followed my blog for a while then you will have definitely heard Leeor’s name mentioned at least […]

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Pretty Darlin’ Smile | Poetry

My higher self said ‘SMILE’ So now I’m sharing this with you Pretty darling Smile And let miracles flow to you Lift your head and smile Send good vibes to the world Pretty darling when you smile Good feelings shall occur Smile smile smile Who needs a reason to? Pretty darling when you smile Your […]

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‘Be The Sunshine’ Makeup & Sunday Inspiration

Hey beautiful people. Todays reminder – you are a Spiritual being having a human experience! Life is just a party, the greatest party on Earth! Don’t take it so seriously, simply have some fun. ❤️💫 So, I wanted to share a little makeup look I created recently inspired by the saying ‘when you can’t find […]

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The Song Of Nature | Poetry

The song of nature What an amazing sound Birds whistling in the wind As my alive heart pounds Running joyfully through Tall lush green trees Basking in the suns glory Welcoming the cool breeze How I love nature For it is my home When I’m with nature I’m never alone The song of nature It […]

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Hello May / April Reflections | Deep Chats, Letting Go Of An Ex, Spirituality & More

Hey loves! Happy May! How is everyone today? I am SO tired. I stayed up till half past midnight last night, which really isn’t that late but I feel so groggy for it today. Still, I was watching my current obsession ‘Jane The Virgin’, I couldn’t resist starting another episode hehe. So today I’m here […]