Italy 2018 | Settling In Sorrento & Foodie Heaven

For Italy Part One and Two, please click here and here. After settling into our hotel in Sorrento, we spent our first night grabbing a drink and then you guessed it, sleeping. Because we'd arrived relatively late we were again so tired after a long day of travelling, but I was eager to awake the … Continue reading Italy 2018 | Settling In Sorrento & Foodie Heaven

Italy 2018 | Tuscany & Torture Museums

For Italy Part One, please click here. After leaving Strasbourg, we were set for another full day of driving and we were incredibly lucky, as driving from France to Italy meant we had to drive through the magical Switzerland. Guys, I have never been to Switzerland before and it's never been top of my list, … Continue reading Italy 2018 | Tuscany & Torture Museums