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Breaking Free

Sometimes you have to push through ‘the shit’ to break free from the shit. There will be days when you don’t want to face anyone, there will be days when you just want to stay in bed, to hide away from the world. To be alone and to not face anything. That’s okay. Take time […]

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Happy (Belated) Valentines Day

*This post was originally written last week with the intent for it to be posted on Valentines Day, but as you can see, it’s arrived on the blogosphere a little bit late. I haven’t changed the original post as it’s one I’ve written authentically and from the heart, and the same message I wanted to […]

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‘Loveheart Freckles’ | Valentines Makeup Of The Day

Hey babes!!!! Today we have a little Makeup Of The Day… kind of… product details are not included because I didn’t note them down whilst I was creating this look, however I still thought I’d share these pictures as last week I created a fun, creative look for Valentines Day! I was inspired by the […]

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How Not To Break Up

Hello my huns and welcome back to my blog. Back in 2018 (woah), I shared a fun, lighthearted post all about how not to date and since then I’ve had almost two years worth of more dating experiences, some great and some not so great… and let’s face it, I say two years but the […]

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Valentines Day Look Book 2020

Hola beautiful people! Welcome back to my blog, how are you today? Recently, I shared my ‘Galentines Outfit Of The Day’ and today it’s time for another fashion post, this one being my Valentines Look Book. I’ve been planning this since Christmas Day (roll on Christmas 2020, I’m excited), and now it’s finally here. This Look […]

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Don’t Settle, Petal | Galentines Outfit Of The Day

Hello beauties, hello!! How is everyone today? It’s Outfit Of The Day time, one of my favourite times and today I have the perfect outfit to wear for a Galentines date with your huns. Galentines Day is actually a thing, which I think is pretty awesome, and falls on the 13th Feb, the day before […]

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Twin Flame | A Short Story

‘Joel?’ I feel a release of tension I hadn’t even known I’d been holding on to evaporate from my body. 10 years worth of knots even the best of massage therapists haven’t been able to unravel, and believe me when I say I’ve tried a fair few. Everything makes sense now. My soul has found […]

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January Reflections & Behind The Scenes 2020 | Friendship, Family, Trusting Myself & Love Life Rambles

Hello my beauties and welcome back to my blog, and I guess can we say, welcome February? I can’t believe we are one month down into the year already, with 11 months left of 2020. This life is madness. January was a jam packed month for me, and it definitely set the right tone for […]

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Welcome To My Bookshelf | What I’ve Read January 2020 + Currently Reading

Hey loves, I hope everyone’s well! Today we have a post for the book lovers, as I’m wrapping up the books I’ve read this month (January 2020) with my thoughts and ratings for each one, along with what I’m currently reading. Although I’ve only read three books this month, two out of three of those […]

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My Current Skincare Collection | January 2020

Hello beautiful guys and dolls and welcome back to my blog. Recently, I’ve felt inspired to share more beauty related posts on both my blog and my Instagram stories (maybe sometimes even my main feed too) and I thought something that would be really fun would be to share with you my beauty collections, from […]