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You Are Not Alone | Poetry

I want you to know That you’re not alone Even when you feel down, Even when you feel low This worlds your home As much as it is mine Together we’ll get through Together we shine This worlds better When we unite Intertwine Even when it hurts When things aren’t right When you feel like […]

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January Reflections & Behind The Scenes 2020 | Friendship, Family, Trusting Myself & Love Life Rambles

Hello my beauties and welcome back to my blog, and I guess can we say, welcome February? I can’t believe we are one month down into the year already, with 11 months left of 2020. This life is madness. January was a jam packed month for me, and it definitely set the right tone for […]

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The Perfect Weekend To Begin 2020 | Weekend Highlights

Hello my loves and welcome back to my blog… How is everyone today? It’s time for the first weekend highlights post of the year, and I am so so excited because it’s definitely gonna be a good one, hehe! I had suchhh a good weekend, so I’m very excited to reflect on it here. I […]

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Vegan Rambles, Good Times With The Girls, Family Time and Pizza Hut Weekend Highlights

Hello my loves and welcome back to my blog. Let’s celebrate because it’s finally weekend highlights time once again… Eek! I love my weekend and weekly highlights posts, and I’m so excited with it being a new month and all to do more of these, and going into the New Year, to share them consistently. […]

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Little Mix Live, Vegan Food and other weekly ramblings weekly highlights

Hey angels. Welcome back to my blog and happy November. It’s now officially two months until the roaring twenties 😉 I am ready! I should probably get reading The Great Gatsby once the New Year rolls around. Has anyone read it? Today it’s weekly highlights time, which as you will know if you read my […]

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What I miss about being in a relationship, family time & a night out with the girls // Weekend Highlights

Hello my huns and welcome back to my blog. Heyyy hunnies! I don’t know why I’m feeling the need to say two hello’s at the moment, but here I am. Greeting you twice. It is what it is. Today it’s weekend highlights time, and I know I’ve said a million times how I’m going to […]

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The Perfect Weekend (Weekend Highlights)

Hello my loves and welcome back to my blog!!! How is everybody today? I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and you’re having the best week so far. My weekend (just gone, can you tell I’m publishing this post late?) started on Thursday evening as I finished work and then had a lovely three […]


Shoutout To My FRIEND (or should I say BESTIE?)

Hahaha hey guys! Why does this post sound like I’m friendzoning my bestie? Well I’m not, but this isn’t a shoutout to my ex and you know the inspiration for this post title is definitely from that song! I mean, what else are you supposed to title a shoutout post? Anyway, today I just wanted […]

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Manifesting Prague: A Vision Board Success Story

Hello everybody and welcome to another Law Of Attraction related post… who’s ready for it!? Today I am going to be sharing with you a manifestation story from my personal experience which involves two simple manifesting tools… vision boards and letting go. I’ve shared similar stories on these topics before and as I continue to […]

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All Love Is Enough

Hello everybody! Ooh la la, it is the month of love and I’d like to take this time to remind myself and everyone reading, that there is more to love than romantic love, and all love is enough. I think more often than not, a lot of people take forms of love that aren’t ‘romantic’ for granted. […]