Pizza, Engagements and CAKE (Weekend Highlights)

Hello my angels and welcome back to my blog! How is everybody today? Today, for the first time in AGES, we have a weekend highlights post. Hurrah, let’s celebrate! I’m ready to start getting back into the swing of these, hopefully doing them on a regular basis, so let’s recap the weekend just gone. My … Continue reading Pizza, Engagements and CAKE (Weekend Highlights)

JENuary Celebrations | A Family Day In Surrey

Hello beautiful people. In case you weren't aware, it's my birthday this week (January 9th, to be precise), and since recently I've been all about the self love and celebrating... ME I've decided to rename this whole month, JENuary... unofficially of course, haha. From now on, each year going forward I want to dedicate my … Continue reading JENuary Celebrations | A Family Day In Surrey