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June Reflections 2020 | My Idea Of Bliss, Focusing on Myself & More

Oh hello my loves, how are we all today? Sending all the love and hugs your way. If I’m honest, I’ve been feeling a bit down the past couple of days, maybe even the past couple of weeks. It’s a bit blergh, but I know so long as I keep focusing on myself, doing the […]

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Spring Bucket List Ticks 2020

Hi, my loves… welcome back to my blog. On Saturday I uploaded my Summer bucket list Hurray! Which means today I’m here with my Spring Bucket List ticks. Anything in bold means I ticked it off, though I do give some more chatty details too. Let’s see how I got on throughout Spring… Become the […]

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An honest chat on feeling guilty, learning from my mistakes & life in general (kind of)

Feeling guilty for my mistakes won’t change the fact I’ve made them. I’m wallowing, feeling anxious and, horrible, because I feel guilty. You know, I’m not perfect. I’ve made mistakes and I know that even though I wish I could be perfect, I’m sure I’ll probably make mistakes in the future too. That’s what being […]

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4 Ways I’m Detoxifying My Body For A Better State Of Mind | 1 Year (& 3 months) On

Hello, my loves. Wow, I’m doing a year on style post, gosh, it feels a little weird. It’s more actually a ‘year and three months’ on, because today I’m going to be reflecting on a blog post I shared on March 1st, 2019. WOW. Read: ‘4 Ways I’m Detoxifying My Body For A Better State […]

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What I Eat In A Day Vegan Edition #2

Hello my loves, how are you!? One of my goals this year is to have more and more vegan days, aiming for one a week, which I’ll be honest, hasn’t really happened so far however, last Saturday I did have a vegan day, where I tried different dishes to what I’d have normally, and had […]

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Hello May / April Reflections | Deep Chats, Letting Go Of An Ex, Spirituality & More

Hey loves! Happy May! How is everyone today? I am SO tired. I stayed up till half past midnight last night, which really isn’t that late but I feel so groggy for it today. Still, I was watching my current obsession ‘Jane The Virgin’, I couldn’t resist starting another episode hehe. So today I’m here […]

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I Am Safe | My Favourite Anxiety Soothing Affirmation

Hey, beautiful people. I love an affirmation, and I’ve shared so many here on the blog and over on my Instagram before. Affirmations for soothing the heart, mind, spirit & soul, self love affirmations & manifesting money affirmations. I believe affirmations are SO powerful. We literally have the power to create our life with our […]

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All Good Things Come Easy With Flow | Daily Mantra Poetry

Hello all! So whilst I am organising my drawers and having a little Spring clean, I have come across a little mantra style poem I wrote goodness knows how long ago, so I thought I’d share it with you here today. I know it’s something I’m definitely going to be using as much as possible […]

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It’s okay to break, it’s not forever | Poetry

It’s okay to cry It’s okay to ache It’s okay to hurt It’s okay to break It doesn’t make you weak Doesn’t make you fake But just hold on Cos’ there are better days We came to this Earth To feel it all From the good to the bad It’s what we came here for […]

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Hello April | Let’s Chat

Hello my loves, how are we all today? It’s April! Two days in, and can you believe we’re already four months into this year? Where has the time gone? I’ll never understand, how it can feel like just yesterday was January, but really that was weeks ago now… Wow. This year has certainly taken a […]