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AFFIRM – The world is healed. The news is good. We are living as one. And so it is. Harmony, thank you, thank you, thank you ♥ Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y I love You ♥

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Soulmate | Poetry

When I think about the way I feel about you I feel excited Because if I can feel this way for you, The deepness, the intensity, the love and the connection, That deep, soul connection Despite the possibility that maybe this lifetime isn’t for us Then wow, How on Earth am I going to feel […]

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that being left on read frustration | Poetry

I got too much on my mind I don’t love you You’re not even mine But I’m spending so much of my time On you Wishing you’d reply Fighting my urge to Say hi To you Because I won’t message twice That could never be my vibe Because if you wanted to come through You […]

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Magic Cookies | Poetry

Magic cookies I remember desperately wishing for you Eating magic cookies, Praying my dreams would come true In a hotel room I had my second taste of you Your kisses lingered on my lips I thought There’s no getting over you One year and 6 months on now We’ve spoken here and there But what […]

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Self Love Affirmations + Implementing Self Love Into Your Daily Life

Hello my loves and welcome back to my blog! These past few weeks, I have of course been celebrating love month, with my Galentines outfit of the day, my Valentines makeup of the day, my Valentines look book and of course, my Happy (Belated) Valentines Day post. Exciting! Today of course we are still celebrating all […]

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Happy (Belated) Valentines Day

*This post was originally written last week with the intent for it to be posted on Valentines Day, but as you can see, it’s arrived on the blogosphere a little bit late. I haven’t changed the original post as it’s one I’ve written authentically and from the heart, and the same message I wanted to […]

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Twin Flame | A Short Story

‘Joel?’ I feel a release of tension I hadn’t even known I’d been holding on to evaporate from my body. 10 years worth of knots even the best of massage therapists haven’t been able to unravel, and believe me when I say I’ve tried a fair few. Everything makes sense now. My soul has found […]

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January Reflections & Behind The Scenes 2020 | Friendship, Family, Trusting Myself & Love Life Rambles

Hello my beauties and welcome back to my blog, and I guess can we say, welcome February? I can’t believe we are one month down into the year already, with 11 months left of 2020. This life is madness. January was a jam packed month for me, and it definitely set the right tone for […]

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3 Quotes To Remember If You’re Feeling Down

Hello my Earth Angels and welcome back to my blog, how is everybody today? Today, I wanted to share a short but sweet post with a few little quotes to remember if you’re ever going through something a little bit rough, a little bit horrible, or a little bit icky. Life is a blessing, but […]

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A Love So Great | Poetry

I fell asleep in my dress Head laid upon your chest Loving you is what I do best Another night I won’t forget From dusk till dawn We create Memories that’ll never fade I look at you And don’t have to say The love is written On my face You paint a smile On my darkest […]