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Less Thinking, More Manifesting

Hey! Less thinking, more manifesting, when we’re in flow, that’s when the answers flow. Have TRUST. Stop overthinking and believe the answers you seek will show up, because they will, every time. You’ve just got to have faith. Stop overthinking, you’ll do yourself no favours. There’s a reason why they say ‘overthinking kills your happiness’ […]

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‘Let’s go to Japan’ | Poetry

Manifesting Japan Cherry blossoms Magic mountains Let’s go to Japan A whole new world A whole new realm We’ll fly first class And in just 12 hours We’ll be somewhere I’ve always imagined Kyoto Tokyo My hearts craving The marvellous sights Electric nights In Japan Let’s go to Japan ❤️ Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y

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Winter Bucket List 2019-2020

Hello my darlings and welcome back to my blog! How is everybody today? So, as you may know, yesterday was officially the start of Winter 19/20, how exciting is that? New season, new visions so of course today, I have put together a bucket list for this Winter, which I wanted to share with you […]

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My Current Concert Bucket List

You know I love speaking things into existence… hence why I’m doing a ‘concert bucket list’ blog post! Hey guys, and welcome back to my blog! How is everyone today? As you may know if you know me personally or follow my blog, I LOVE speaking things into existence! I’m a big believer in the […]