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Soulmate | Poetry

When I think about the way I feel about you I feel excited Because if I can feel this way for you, The deepness, the intensity, the love and the connection, That deep, soul connection Despite the possibility that maybe this lifetime isn’t for us Then wow, How on Earth am I going to feel […]

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Magic Cookies | Poetry

Magic cookies I remember desperately wishing for you Eating magic cookies, Praying my dreams would come true In a hotel room I had my second taste of you Your kisses lingered on my lips I thought There’s no getting over you One year and 6 months on now We’ve spoken here and there But what […]

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It’s A Beautiful Life | Poetry

It’s a beautiful life 💫 | Poetry Today is the day I take back my power Minute by minute Hour by hour Sit back Watch me bloom I am a flower It’s Summer time now Made it through Spring Showers Meditated on the rain fall It washed away All that’s sour A new dawn begins […]

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A Love So Great | Poetry

I fell asleep in my dress Head laid upon your chest Loving you is what I do best Another night I won’t forget From dusk till dawn We create Memories that’ll never fade I look at you And don’t have to say The love is written On my face You paint a smile On my darkest […]

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Get me adventuring, Don’t wanna be in the same place, 24/7 Get me traveling, Living fast paced, exploring every space 24/7 I’m thankful for my home But the rest of the world I need to know See what each City Country Continent’s About Explore, learn, and glow 24/7 ✈️🌎