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You Have ALWAYS Been Good Enough | Poetry

I want you to know You’re perfect as you are Every perfect freckle Every perfect scar Your body is your temple The story of your life Treat your home with kindness Baby see how you shine Cellulite Skinny thighs Hazel, blue, brown, green eyes You’re perfect as you are The Universe formed you From the […]

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Peace, Love, Unity | Poetry

Peace, love and unity Smile at your neighbour Peace, love and unity Breathe in let’s come together Peace, love and unity Remember the greatest truth We are all one family You are the Universe and I am too Peace, love and unity Our hearts they beat with love Peace, love and unity Remember we are […]

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Use Your Voice | Black Lives Matter

Tell me why You’re not willing to share ‘Black lives matter’ Because it’s a little bit controversial ‘I’ll sign the petition but I don’t want to post, it’s way too political’ What’s so political About equal human rights Where’s the controversy In making sure everyone’s alright? Happy to share Posts for everything else Protesting littering, […]

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Pretty Darlin’ Smile | Poetry

My higher self said ‘SMILE’ So now I’m sharing this with you Pretty darling Smile And let miracles flow to you Lift your head and smile Send good vibes to the world Pretty darling when you smile Good feelings shall occur Smile smile smile Who needs a reason to? Pretty darling when you smile Your […]

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The Song Of Nature | Poetry

The song of nature What an amazing sound Birds whistling in the wind As my alive heart pounds Running joyfully through Tall lush green trees Basking in the suns glory Welcoming the cool breeze How I love nature For it is my home When I’m with nature I’m never alone The song of nature It […]

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All Good Things Come Easy With Flow | Daily Mantra Poetry

Hello all! So whilst I am organising my drawers and having a little Spring clean, I have come across a little mantra style poem I wrote goodness knows how long ago, so I thought I’d share it with you here today. I know it’s something I’m definitely going to be using as much as possible […]

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Let Go | Poetry

This should be the last song That I ever write to you But I can’t promise that I won’t write again I’ll dedicate as much discipline To letting go of us That I can Stop myself Think twice Before picking up my pen Because whilst I can never say never It’s time that I say […]

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It’s okay to break, it’s not forever | Poetry

It’s okay to cry It’s okay to ache It’s okay to hurt It’s okay to break It doesn’t make you weak Doesn’t make you fake But just hold on Cos’ there are better days We came to this Earth To feel it all From the good to the bad It’s what we came here for […]

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You Can’t Stop a Soulmate | Short Story

‘That was every piece of magic I’ve manifested but so much better’ I burst into tears. Kieran smiled down at me ‘why are you crying this way?’ He stroked my cheek, wiped my tears. My heart soared, yet broke, all at the same time. It broke for myself. For ever accepting a love less than […]

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Future Husband | poetry

For my future husband Here’s a love letter to you Thank you for loving me In the way you do I promised I’ll never settle So this means you must be the one Who makes me feel loved and special You’re romantic, loving and fun I promise to do everything To show how grateful I […]