30 Days Of Gratitude | Day 15 | Season

Hello everyone and welcome to day 15 of the 30 days of gratitude challenge. Woweee, I'm half way through! Exciting. Todays prompt is season. Which season are you grateful for today? Hello!?! Obviously Summer! We allll love Summer right? Summer is by far my favourite season. The lovely warm weather. The Summer fashion. The music. … Continue reading 30 Days Of Gratitude | Day 15 | Season

Throwbacks Malia 2015.ā˜€ļøšŸŽ‰šŸ‘­

It's now just three weeks today until my girls holiday to Magaluf and the beautiful weather in England right now is definitely getting me excited. Last August I visited the party town of Malia, Greece with the girls Emily, Chantal and Jess. I had a great time. With the holiday vibes all around I thought … Continue reading Throwbacks Malia 2015.ā˜€ļøšŸŽ‰šŸ‘­